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Forest Grove Plant

J. Lieb Foods, Inc. produces conventional and organic foods in two processing areas, each capable of multiple processes handling liquid to viscous products. Typical items processed are jams and jellies, syrups, sauces, salsas, fruit juices, teas, and dressings. For convenience, on-site access to freezer and cooler space is available.

The Jam/Sauce line is primarily used for hot filled items in glass containers with metal, lug style lids. After filling and capping, products pass through a pasteurizer and cooling process. This line is currently filling containers from 10 oz. to 32 oz., while other sizes can be accommodated, depending on container size and shape. Labels can be applied using hot melt glue or pressure sensitive systems.

The Dressing Line has equipment to process hot- or cold-filled products with metal or plastic continuous thread (a.k.a. "screw-on") lids. This line typically fills 8 oz. to 128 oz. containers, although other sizes can also be accommodated. Labels are applied using a pressure sensitive system.

With the beverage line we have the capability to fill glass or PET containers in a variety of sizes. Containers are filled on a 28 station rotary filler that is fed by an automated pasteurization system. This allows crucial times and temperatures to be tightly controlled and recorded. This line also includes an in line steam capper that can apply metal, lug style lids or plastic “CT” lids, a headspace sterilizer and cooling tunnel. After the containers are filled and labeled, they are packed into trays that can be printed on or labeled, wrapped with heat shrinkable plastic and palletized.

Bulk containers currently being filled at J. Lieb Foods range from 50 lb. pails to 2500 lb. totes. This capability can be used for products such as purees or variegates.

We are interested in earning your business. Please contact J. Lieb Foods to discuss your final product development and production needs. Email us at or call us at 1-503-359-9279.